Intertwined fingers

For Liya

Inspired by the Negev desert at night

Intertwined fingers painted in the sky,

A perfection constellation of stars floating by.

The pale moon now holds its ghostly gaze,

As the lifeless as the desert terrain denuded in the haze.


I breathe in the icy-invisible air that extends into space,

My heart skips a beat and then increases pace.

The stars seem to realign with my fingers as I trace,

Into the night sky your kind and familiar face


You may not be here, but I feel you close,

Another beating heart, the one I feel for most,

A soft hum, I imagine you roll over to your side

The quiet panter of your sleeping breath throws me into a glide


Distant snow-capped mountains bring an abrupt end to the moonlight plateau

As I observe the beauty of the night, my only wish is to be here with you.

The sound of footsteps returns me to reality – to this place

But when I return my eyes to the twinkling stars,

I only feel your warm embrace

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